Among the first things visitors to your property will see is the quality and condition of your asphalt.  From parking lots to pathways, curbs to tennis courts, asphalt surfaces that are in good repair and built to last add value.  Having a construction crew that can quickly complete a project with minimal disruption for your customers or residents can save you a great deal of good will and money.

E. Meier Contracting’s asphalt crews have the skills to complete an asphalt project quickly, on your schedule and within your budget.  Among the projects we tackle:

  • New construction of city and county streets
  • Subdivision roads
  • Tennis, basketball and other sports courts
  • Walking paths
  • Golf cart paths
  • Driveways
  • Parking lots

Contact us today.  An estimator from E. Meier will visit your property and ask questions about how your asphalt project will be used, such as vehicle size and traffic volume.  From your answers we will prepare a detailed project plan complete with cost and a time estimate.

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