Our highly skilled Union concrete crews can tackle any concrete flatwork project you need.  Among the concrete flatwork projects we handle are

  • New Construction, Commercial and Residential
  • Driveways and Roads
  • Repair or Replace
  • Interior & Exterior Concrete Slabs & Flat Work
  • Sidewalks
  • Decorative Concrete Stamping

New Construction – Large or small, we have the crews and equipment to make sure your job is finished on schedule.

I was suprised at the size and scope of E. Meier’s concrete crew. After seeing how quickly they completed a huge commercial project that included interior flatwork as well as decorative stamping, I knew I had the contracting company I needed for my projects.

Driveways and Roads – We are experts in pouring and finishing durable driveways, roads and curbs for subdivisions, commercial properties or municipalities.

Repair or Replace – If you have concrete on your property that needs repairing, we have tradesmen ready to patch it up.  We have the equipment needed to quickly remove damaged concrete and pour a long-lasting repair.

Interior and Exterior Slabs and Flatwork – A commercial building or a base for a sports court, E. Meier Contracting can pour a durable slab or other flatwork project and finish it to your precise requirements.

Sidewalks – For your home, commercial property, subdivision municipality or multi-unit residential property, good sidewalks in good repair are needed for safety and to welcome pedestrians onto your property.  We can repair or install new sidewalks in a variety of finishes.  You can also count on E. Meier to make sure sidewalk corners are compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements for crossings.

Decorative Concrete Stamping – Concrete stamping is a process where a texture or pattern is stamped into a flat concrete surface.  Along with textures or patterns, colorants can be added to bring character to a concrete surface.  E. Meier concrete crews can make your new concrete project stand out with concrete stamping.

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