Maintenance and Repair

Asphalt and concrete surfaces can last for decades, especially if you maintain them properly.  E. Meier Contracting is adept at making long-lasting repairs quickly and efficiently.  If you have a damaged curb, a pothole or an asphalt or concrete surface that is past its prime, we will visit your property and review the needed repair or maintenance and provide a detailed estimate covering the available options.  Among the repairs and maintenance tasks we perform are:

  • Surface Patch – We’ll remove damaged material and replace it with a long-lasting patch.
  • Remove & Replace – If your surface needs to be completely removed, and replaced.
  • Mill & Pave – Sometimes a surface can be milled and freshened up with a new layer of pavement.
  • French Drains – Permanently resolve drainage problems with a French drain.
  • Drains – Damaged drains can cause damaged property.  We will repair and replace them.
  • Inlet covers – Damaged or missing inlet covers are a hazard and can lead to property damage or personal injury.

E. Meier Contracting offers maintenance plans for properties that will help you keep your property looking good and attracting customers and residents.  Periodic inspections and repairs will keep small problems from becoming huge issues.  Contact us today for more information.

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