Retaining Walls

There are few improvements that can improve the curb appeal of a property quite like a quality retaining wall. A well designed and professionally installed retaining wall creates crisp landscape lines that look great and will look great for years.  Retaining walls can be combined with paving blocks to create great outdoor spaces for your home or business.

Retaining walls are typically built using pre-made concrete blocks, available with a nearly unlimited variety of colors and textures. E. Meier Contracting will help you select the perfect retaining wall blocks (sometimes called “keystone blocks”) for your project.  Our estimators will help you design the retaining wall and be a reliable partner in making sure the project is done on time and on budget.  Among the services we provide are:

  • Site planning for your new retaining wall
  • Assistance with the permitting process
  • Engineer drawings
  • Scheduling
  • Surveying
  • Material selection

E. Meier Contracting employs skilled craftsmen with years of experience installing retaining walls for commercial and residential properties.  Our team brings Union pride to their work.  With their long experience our retaining wall crew will make sure the disruption of customers or residents is kept to a minimum.  E. Meier retaining wall crews are highly professional.  We are proud of the level of customer satisfaction they achieve by their safe and efficient work. Our construction crews are the reason E. Meier is called back year after year for retaining wall projects at properties all over the St. Louis metropolitan area.

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