Sealing & Crack Filling

E. Meier Contracting are experts in asphalt paving.  Asphalt jobs from pathways to parking lots, roads to repairs we can make sure your project is done on time and within your budget.  Once we are finished, we can help you keep your new asphalt looking great for years.

E. Meier sealed our parking lot 18 months after they installed it. We’ve had it re-sealed from time to time ever since, and it still looks like new.  We’ve saved thousands on repair and replacement.

Over time, the surface of a paving project will wear away, losing the seal made by the bitumen that binds the aggregate material of asphalt.  When asphalt starts to look grey, that’s the time to call us to take a look.  We can re-seal your asphalt for a tiny fraction of the cost of replacement, with far less disruption for your residents or customers.  Keeping your paved surfaces sealed on a regular basis will prevent cracks from forming and extend the life of your paving project.

If you have an older asphalt surface where damage has begun, our skilled team of asphalt maintenance Union professionals can help.  Our crack and seal crew will fill those cracks to prevent them from allowing water to penetrate and further damage your paved surface.  After filling the cracks directly, we coat your paved surface with a high-quality sealant that will make your parking lot, sports court or other asphalt surface look like new.

If you have had a new asphalt surface installed recently, contact us about what to look for so you will know when it is time to fill cracks and re-seal the surface.  If you have asphalt on your property that is looking rough, call E. Meier Contracting.  Our estimators will find a solution to make your asphalt surfaces look their best.

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