Snow Removal

After a snowstorm or ice storm, your facility, development or subdivision needs to be quickly cleared of snow and ice.  E. Meier Contracting has the crews and the equipment to clear away snow and ice from your parking lots, sidewalks, driveways and roads quickly and safely.  This allows the lives of your employees, customers and residents to return to normal.

Instead of one truck, E. Meier sent four! Our parking lot was cleared and snow and ice removed from our sidewalks in less than two hours. The ice-melt agent they used kept the concrete and asphalt clear of snow and did not hurt the grass.

Our Union equipment operators have the experience to clear any surface of snow or ice.  Our trucks are equipped with snowplows and salt spreaders to remove accumulated snow and ice and minimize melting and re-freezing.  We will make sure your sidewalks are clear and safe and your parking lots and driveways can be driven on and walked on without slips, slides and falls.

The size of the E. Meier Contracting Union proud workforce means that any property, development or campus can be cleared shortly after the snow or ice storm.  We will send a crew large enough to deal with your parking lot, sidewalks, paths and driveways in short order.

Before the next snowstorm or ice storm hits the St. Louis Metropolitan area, contact E. Meier Contracting for details on how we can get you back up and running after snow and ice have fallen.

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