The E. Meier Asphalt and Concrete Proposal is a Powerful Communication Device

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your team needs to know which repairs are going to be performed on your site? Perhaps you’ve found yourself out on your property with your staff pointing this way and that to show which areas are going to be repaired. In those situations you may have realized that there was a reason why your mother used to say: “Don’t point!”

E. Meier Contracting has the solution to this common dilemma: The proposals from E. Meier Contracting include an aerial photo of your site plan with the areas clearly located and numbered on the plan or photo. Some other contractors have followed our lead and are now offering this. But E. Meier goes one step further. This step really makes us stand out from the competition: E. Meier Contracting includes a photo of each numbered area in sequence with the dimensions and outline of the repair clearly delineated.

Now your conversation with your team can go like this: “I’ve attached a document to an email of our plan for parking lot repairs. Please give me your feedback. We’ve tried to address all the areas of concern while staying within our budget.”

Now you have one more powerful communication tool in your possession! You also have a more cohesive team because now everyone is literally on the same page!

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best! At E. Meier Contracting we work to make your job easier and we strive to make you look good. E. Meier Contracting Asphalt and Concrete proposals are powerful communication tools that add value to your purchasing decisions!

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